As a classical trust administration in focus of real estate industry, Bauwerk was founded as group of company in the year of 2000.
Bauwerk unifies the amenity as traditional trustee and the advantage as property expert.
The operative work is confined to the management of the company’s assets.
The assortment of investments strives for continuous and long term increasing assets.
The properties held by the company are aimed residential-economically and spread, primarily, on the cities of Hannover and Berlin.
The strategic direction of the further investment projects foresees building a conservative portfolio of residential properties especially in Berlin.

“High yield and attractive properties”,
The premise of our company

The Bauwerk of companies purchased and managed properties are kept as a real existing real estate, count as a nucleus of around 800 units.
Train to train real estate be improved by appropriate structural measures in their uses and learn as a permanent increase in value. As a result Bauwerk established as reliable partner in the real estate market not only to the tenants, but also to the financing banks. Teamwork is an integral part of the corporate culture in the construction group and guarantees a high degree of continuity and reliability. Just as the credo of the company is permanently and consistently in the Center: